Second grade, revisited

In an interesting twist I had not expected, this project has transported me not just back to my childhood books but my childhood bad habits. In my second grade class we had the bubble gum book club; it consisted of a big poster of a gumball machine where we put colored circle stickers for each book we read. The problem was you had to fill out a little form before you got to put your gumball sticker. The form consisted of a book’s name, author, when you finished it, and a one to two sentence summary. Not bad, right? Wrong. I loved reading books, but hated filling out those little forms. I would hide books I had read from my mom so I wouldn’t have to fill out those forms. (Sorry, mom!) Probably not the intended impact of the class’s reading club.

Well, fast forward to twenty years later, and I’m reading my kids books and loving it, but now have a stack of books that I have to write blogs for! Silly, right? I’m choosing to do this. And I WANT to remember the books, which is why I decided to document the project. I might have to bring Mrs. Parrack or my mom back to force me to fill out my little blog posting. (It’s kind of like a form, even!)


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