The kid lit project begins

I keep a small, running list of my favorite books of all time. Generally, I like to distinguish between “good” books and “favorite” books. There are a great many books that I consider very good, even great. For me, though, my favorite books are ones that I can read over and over, thoroughly enjoying on each new read. It just so happens that quite a few of the books on my all-time favorites list are technically children’s books. I used to chalk this up to those books being comfort reads– they are my favorites because they always have been, and so reading them not just brings the love of the book, but that feeling of comfort.

A few years ago I changed my opinion. There are some really, really great children’s books! Really great writing, captivating plot lines, lovable and full characters. Children’s literature is not the dumbed down equivalent of poorly written chick lit or paperback mysteries. No, it’s a genre of literature that requires truly good writing (as one cannot pretend big words simply mean good writing!) and has a demanding audience: if a kid doesn’t like it, a kid is not going to keep reading!

The book that spurred this was a Newberry Award honoree, and I decided to start a project reading through all those Newberry award books (the most pretigious award for children’s writing). There are quite a few, as the award has been around since 1922. I probably won’t stay exclusive to that list, but it’s the stated purpose here. I figured I’d love a record of my little adventure, and so this blog was born.


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  1. kathrynelewis
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 20:44:01

    What a great idea reading children’s books? This year I too have read some children’s books. Going Solo by Roald Dahl is generally about his experiences during WWII. I really enjoyed reading it, hence, I picked up his Boy. This includes his early life experiences. Both books were written for children, but I loved them just the same.


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